Friday, December 08, 2006

Teaching revisited

Even I was appalled by the hideously unfair comment I posted yesterday that America teaches the world how to self-destruct.

As someone who has had a life-long love affair with “America”, I cannot accept that. America - is not George Bush. There are other Americas, and other Americans, whom one would only want to love and celebrate.

Such essentialism – is wrong, and bad.

If Africa dances – will that be to the tune of commodities trading firms in New York and London?

Speaking of India – which Yves said must teach the world how to live: I know what Yves meant; for instance, how to live modestly. But there could also be other views.

As someone living in India, and closely observing everything around me, I can say that there is nothing I see that can teach anything to anyone. On the contrary, what one sees is the ultimate in ignominy. All the things which are wise and wonderful – you will have to use an electron microscope to find that. The India that is being unleashed on the world – is not a wholesome India.

And yet …


Yves said...

I am glad you understood rightly what I meant about India teaching the world how to live. Yes, to live modestly. I did not mean its spiritual teachers and antique scriptures! Gandhi not Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Yves said...

As for America and self-destruction, one cannot of course just blame George Bush for what is being done by Government and big business. The strategies of colonisation, corrupting and plundering (from the native Americans) which took place in 19th century are applied in 21st century throughout the world and any nation or oganisation (e.g. UN) which objects is made to look like a criminal or axis of evil.

Americans are just citizens of the world. Every one of them and everyone outside America, has the same duty to see what is happening and put a stop to it.