Friday, December 08, 2006

Dissent on Singur

Policemen stand guard to stop protestors on their way to Singur.

A retired Supreme Court judge, a former diplomat, govt experts, scholars, retired civil servants and activists have demanded the formation of an independent commission to formulate a national policy on land acquisition, special economic zones and other related acts and provide a blueprint for rehabilitation of the displaced people.

They have condemned the large scale displacement caused by the land acquisition policy of states like West Bengal as well as the govt of India.

A statement issued by the group says:

“It is strange that the West Bengal govt, run by the Left Front for almost 30 years is kowtowing to Tata’s obduracy and using force against the common people to propitiate big business … The state govt must withdraw its highhanded repressive measures forthwith and resort to transparency without bending over backwards to placate the industrial houses.”

Among the members are VR Krishna Iyer, Mukchund Dubey, Aruna Roy, Rabi Roy, Rajni Kothari, SP Shukla and D Bandopadhyay.

Meanwhile, it appears that even the Aalborg University in Denmark is more sensitive to the question of people's rights and livelihood than our "democratically elected" govt and chief minister. The Director of the university had met the chief minister recently to finalise land acquisition for an advanced research institute on wireless technology. Apparently the university Director has become apprehensive about this project after hearing about the Singur issue.

Writer-activist Arundhati Roy at a protest rally in New Delhi against the West Bengal govt's forced land acquisition for the Tata small-car factory at Singur.


Anonymous said...

This is for the first time the LF government in WB has taken the right stance. The common youth of Bengal needs industrialization and they want it fast. Mamata & few frustated youth from JU can never be a hindrance to the inevitable....

rama said...

Hullo Anonymous, thanks for your visit and comment. I'm afraid that much as I'd like to, I cannot agree with you, and blithely go along with such empty and fatuous generalisations, without looking at the substantive aspects. But I do hope all your dreams and aspirations are fulfilled by the regime in West Bengal, and that you are a beacon and example for others.

Best, rama