Thursday, December 07, 2006

Teach the world

When I met Yves recently in London, he told me:

What India has to teach the world is how to live.

What China has to teach the world is how to work.

He asked me what Africa has to teach the world.

I replied: how to dance!

I asked: What does America teach the world?

Yves replied: how to self-destruct.


Yves said...

Ooh, did I say that about America? I do remember it was something about destruction. If it's a prophecy, let's try to help Americans dissociate themselves from the destructive bits, so that the self-destruction is nothing more than the controlled explosion of the weapons of mass destruction, literal and metaphorical, as carried out safely by bomb disposal experts or mine clearance programmes.

Funny how you are thinking today of teaching the world, Rama, because I am planning a post about that too.

Ghetufool said...

so you met the wise man. lucky you.