Monday, March 03, 2008

Sign of the times

See the picture. Did you get it?

Its supposed to be "Road No Entry" stupid!

Quite clearly, just like in the Kalahari desert, human ingenuity in Calcutta surpasses imagination.

Thanks to Jyoti Basu's elimination of English teaching from schools as well as the continuing protection of millions from the pernicious effects of education, it seems English has transformed into a kind of pidgin-patois here.

Full basis as we can see for Calcutta's bid to be a World City of Literature! But with a poet-playwright Chief Minister, isn't that simply in the fitness of things?


Anonymous said...

Laughed and laughed and called others in the office.


Gregg Allen said...

Loved this. I didn't get it at first, but your "translation" made it all clear, especially after reading it using an Indian accent.

Anonymous said...

JB - the Enlightened Boy who donated his dead remains to the advance of medical science!! thank God not his brains ........... that's the dogma that left Bengal bereft of basic English ....... and now this slipper clad sari woman!!! where does Bengal / Calcutta's salvation lay???