Thursday, December 14, 2006

Give a caption

Yesterday I had posted Samantak Das' article on Singur, and at the bottom of the post was a picture of Buddhadev Bhattacharjee making a profound gesture.

Buddhadev is the great Bengali Hindu bhadralok babu intellectual, communist and chief minister-police minister-culture minister rolled into one rossogolla. His name has come to define the Bengali "intelligentsia", who have become buddho-jibis from buddhijibis. He is the pride of Bengalis, a toast to the race.

As very serious followers of every gem of wisdom emanating from his elevated being, we must pay attention to the image and gesture, and read it, interpret it, take note of it, pay heed to it and follow it.

I thought awhile before fixing the caption to the photo. Later, I had some other ideas too, several. And then I thought - others would also surely be inspired to such fecundity, and I should have a "give a caption" contest.

The winner would get to sip tea, out of a clay bhanr, sitting on a bench, at the street tea shack near the great one's residence, yes, with the great one himself.

What is he saying?

The amount of deviation he made (in becoming a Tata party and saying bye bye to the people)?

The size of his conscience?

How tall a human being he is?

The size of his manhood?

The time before the demise of the CPI(M)?

The gratification made by Tata?

I plead to readers to show some compassion towards me, and put me out of the distress I am in, not being able to understand the precise pedagogical substance of our great leader's profound digital ejaculation.


Yves said...

He is making this gesture close to his mouth so I think it is to do with eating. So my caption would be:

"You think you are big, but I could swallow you (setting aside your uncleanliness to one of my caste) without even chewing."

Ghetufool said...

i am not sure whether what the left front is doing is right or wrong. cause we need industry in any cost. and i am also a little left-minded. as such am a supporter of the party (may be because we really don't have any option). but, my objection is there were other fields which are occupied by closed mills owner. why can't we use those ones? was it necessary to snatch lands from the marginals? i don't know the complicacy. i don't know how much the farmers earn from their lands and how much they would earn later from the project. but the botomline is WE NEED INDUSTRIALISATION.

assuming buddhadeb is actually wrong and is conveying a mesage with his gesture to the opposition, my caption would be:

"i need only this much of my intellect to caste you morons aside."

rama said...

Hullo Ghetu, thanks for your comment. The question here is one of transparency, and sound public policy. I don't dispute the need for industrialisation. But the govt has no business acting as an agent of a private company. Alternative livelihood for the displaced has also to be ensured. And more fundamentally, a larger vision for the future, beyond random industries, is called for, one that is socially inclusive and economically and ecologically advanced. In all these terms, Buddhadev has fallen pitifully short. Best, rama