Friday, December 29, 2006

The mockery that is Singur

Amitadyuti Kumar has written a detailed investigation of the Singur issue.

Singur is a 40 minutes' drive from the airport along the newly built expressway via the new Vivekananda Setu under construction. So the Tatas or their top brass flying from other metros will have to waste little time to reach their destination.

This control of the industrialists over the government, this 'as you said Sir' attitude of the government is potentially dangerous for democracy and democratic values. The question naturally arose - is the government being run by the Tatas or for that matter other industrialists and capitalists?

Read the full article here.

Little wonder then, that Mr Ratan Tata, has to create the bogey of competitors being behind the Singur opposition, to deflect attention from the fundamental question of the political and civic morality of the whole matter.

Mr Tata said, “Let me just say this: it is not just political because I happen to know that some of our competitors are also fuelling some of the ire and would be very happy if the project is delayed”.

The Singur Krishi Jami Raksha (Farmland Protection) Committee has said that they would file a defamation case against Mr Tata for suggesting that his competitors were patronising them. They said Mr Tata had been influenced by Left Front chairman Mr Biman Bose (who first floated this chestnut) and that his statement reeked of arrogance and disrespect for a people’s movement.

Having made the state govt his lapdog, Mr Tata is not without appreciation for this. "We chose West Bengal because we believe in the state’s current leadership... We find West Bengal under the leadership of Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee very investment-friendly.”

I have no doubt Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee is basking in the depths of his servitude to Tata.

And to indicate the wagging tail of this happy puppy state govt following the pat by the master, state industry minister Mr Nirupam Sen said: “I am happy that Mr Ratan Tata has reposed his confidence in the state government.”

Post script: Mr Tata's reference to his competition reminds me of the tv interview of Buddhadev Bhattacharjee a couple of years ago. He mentioned the advertisment for the Maruti car, "Mera sapna, mera Maruti" (My dream, my Maruti), and asked why his dreams should be limited to a Maruti. Now I understand what he meant.


garcia kafka said...

for once even i am also agreeing with trinamool congress.. With other non agricultural areas available it defies logic about why tata's have zeroed in on singur and even more disconcerting is the fact tht the bengal buddha has agreed to his wish.. Lands being grabbed is not a pretty sight in a communist ruled state..

b said...

received the link 10 minutes back from across the atlantic.
thank you for the beauty, elegance, common sense and sensibility of it all.
do you dwell in silence alone or may one communicate with you outside of the box?

rama said...

Hullo Garcia, do write to me off-line if you like, there's an e-mail id given in my profile section.

And hullo B, many thanks for your generous compliment. I look forward to hearing from you.