Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Feedback from far quarters

I received some positive feedback about this blog in quick succession.

Einat, from Haifa, Israel wrote:

"What an incredible place your blog is. A space of contemplation, meandering and getting lost. The pictures of your city and its people, your thoughts... I find it a remarkable experience to be able to have these versatile journeys. Thank you. I enjoy it a lot."

Clarence Fisher from Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada wrote:

"I enjoy your photoblog scenes of daily life in Calcutta. I live in a very small (1,000 people) town in Northern Canada, so our lives probably cannot be much more different. Yet every time you post pictures of the lives that you see, it completely pulls me in. I am a teacher of 13-14 year old students and I constantly use your blog pictures... We are a very connected class. We blog and have RSS networks of students around the globe and we love to see how people live in other parts of the world. So please know that I am a subscriber, I appreciate your posts and photos, and that they are being used in a Northern Canadian classroom!"

Dr Vijay, from Salem, Tamil Nadu, India wrote that Cuckoo’s Call is:

“… a blog that is so eclectic, erudite and secular.”

Flitzy, Kathy, Dave, Yves, Dan, Don, Mark, Irving, Sadiq, Isaiah, Deb, Shirazi, Le Magnifique, Gaelin, Kozi, Abhay, Krystyna, Ghetu, Rose, – are some fellow bloggers who have consistently encouraged me.

Thank you friends, you are most kind and generous with your appreciation.

This positive feedback encourages me to keep at whatever I’ve been trying to do through this blog, and view that with some appreciation, rather than my habitual cynical view that it’s terribly vain and self-indulgent.


kathy said...

(((Hugs))) We love your blog! keep blogging.

Thats a funny picture thingy Rama LOL

mark walter said...

It is always amazing to me, Rama, how our blogs touch not only each other, but often people completely unexpected, such as your wonderful teacher friend from Canada and her classroom of connected world explorers. There are a number of us who have linked our blogrolls to you because we believe in you, and also because we feel priviledged to count you as a good friend.

Bonita said...

Be careful about making judgments (vain, self-indulgent)....I used to feel that way too until I realized that I was sharing myself. Actually, it takes a lot of courage and detachment to share the details of our world, our thoughts, what we enjoy reading.

krystyna said...

Hi Rama!
Even if my English is not good and your posts are liittle dificult for me, I like to read these great posts. I enjoyed nice, wonderful journej through many place. Your information and inspiration is needful. Tkank you a lot!
Thanks for being here!

Kozi Wolf said...

you're a man of the people of india. if you weren't blogging than who would share all those glimpses of people and their stories that you feature on your blog?

thanks again for devoting your time to share and spread your heart around the world.

kozi wolf