Monday, October 30, 2006

Calcutta photoblog: scenes from daily life 2

Some more images from everyday life in Calcutta.

All the pictures I have been posting on my Calcutta photoblog were taken by teachers of the Talimi Haq School in Howrah.


April said...

once again, i am very much enjoying your blog.

krystyna said...

Great pictures about commonly life in Calcutta. I enjoyed little bit travel through Calcutta.Thanks!!

Vijay said...

Great photos Rama. I seem to have missed a lot of your good posts over the last couple of weeks. Everytime I visited your blog thru my blogroll link, I ended up on your Oct. 12 post. I wrongly assumed that you were taking a break from blogging. I linked to your blog and some of the posts here in my Diwali greeting post. I hope you are not offended that I didn't ask you before I did it.