Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jaan's photos

I am happy to share some photographs by my friend and former colleague Jaan. He is a graphic artist and designer, and a photographer. He is from rural Bengal and currently works in Delhi. On my request, he has sent some of his award-winning photographs. He is hoping to exhibit and publish his pictures.

Many more awards to you Jaan!


Deb S. said...

Fabulous photos! Jaan is extremely talented. Thank you for sharing.

Dan said...

Thanks, Rama. Thanks, Jaan.

Yves said...

I like them but I like better in many ways the candid shots you published a while ago from Calcutta, taken by children and others as part of a project.

I recently borrowed from our local public library a book India A Celebration of Independence 1947-1997 which has fabulous photos by Henri Cartier Bresson and many others: photos which skilfully convey the truth of a place, helping you travel there in imagination and have compassion for its people, yet without romanticising them.

rama said...

Dear Friends, thanks for your kind comments. Jaan will be very pleased and I've asked him to start a photo-blog immediately! Best, rama

Brian Colless said...

(ay wont Ingglish tuw biy writen foneticliy, laic Sanskrit aend Finnish!)

This is another delightful treat for your readers and viewers.

Your Ramadan musings are very apt. Like your brother-in-law in America, some of us are also remembering it is Jewish New Year,5767.

Here is something for your cuckoo to crow about, and you might like to investigate it. The Finnish epic, Kalevala (Runo 2, 257ff) (translation available through Google search), mentions the cuckoo in primeval days, when all the trees were chopped down for agriculture, excepting "a single birch tree, that the birds might rest upon it, and from thence the cuckoo might call".

It is quoted on my website, in my wedding speech for my daughter:


I also get a bit spiritual myself, in my "Mystical mystery tour"



April said...

the photos are great. there is a lot of interesting geometry going on in them. it makes them arresting in a way that is hard to describe, but beautiful.