Friday, September 01, 2006

Calcutta photoblog: they also serve ... 3

I present today the 3rd part of the series on people who anonymously serve the city.

Yesterday I came upon an interesting article on the same theme by blogger Amit Kumar Singh.


Don Iannone said...

Rama...thank you so much. Another wonderful open door to life in Calcutta. I really enjoy your snapshots of life. Thanks.

chalip said...

I manage the Buddhist Blogs webring and just added your site today. Thank you for submitting it, and thank you for doing it... We all need to be reminded that we live in a world and that the work of every hand is noble work. I mentioned this site on my blog today. I hope others will visit and be inspired.

kathy said...

I enjoyed the pictures too Rama. yummy roasted corn on the cob! we have serveral servers here in my nieghborhood who sell corn on the cob on a stick, they brush mayo and then sprinkle cheese and chili powder over it. Yummmy! :)