Friday, September 01, 2006

Calcutta 73

Puchka seller. A spicy snack, one of Calcutta's famed specialities.


kathy said...

is it fruit or is it nuts?

rama said...

This is a spicy snack: mashed boiled potatoes, chick peas, mixed with lemon, green chilli, some spices; a bit of this is filled inside a crispy flour ball, and then dipped in a spicy tamarind-water mix. This is called "puchka" in Calcutta, pani-puri in Bombay, and gol-gappa in Delhi. I'd like to invite you & your husband to a gastronomic holiday in India. Do consider it!! Best, rama

Kathy wrote:

Rama i never would of guessed it was boiled mashed potatoes snack. we have a similar snack here, boiled mashed potatoes in a corn tortilla with onions & cheese and chili too, deep fried. isn't tamarind the best taste? We have drinks here made out of it like iced tea.