Monday, July 03, 2006


A mail I got today from social scientist Dr Anjan Ghosh in Calcutta:

“There is a generic euphoria about growth among the middle classes, and an amnesia over the excluded sections. The middle classes are no longer willing to bear any crosses of their deprived brethren, and are more concerned about their own exclusive domains. The reservation debate has clearly etched the goals of the socially nubile middle class and they have little compunction to exit from society. I do not know what the answers are in terms of building bridges between the middle and deprived classes. So I continue to do what I used to do, do my work honestly, and through that try to connect to as wide a section as I can. But I am well aware that I am fighting a losing battle and becoming one of a diminishing tribe! So all strength to you and your blog, if it can make any difference in a climate of indifference!

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