Monday, May 14, 2012

I Love IPL

SC: Are you all backing Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL? How do they play cricket in this heat? KKR is in the play-off places.

BA: Kolkata Knight Riders etc - that's not really cricket, its just a pajama party for bored yuppies with money to waste. Fully faltoo!

SC: Thanks A! I like your description of KKR. I don't know how a Third World country can pay such high wages to rich Western cricketers for so few weeks work.

BA: The money ultimately comes from India's affluent idiots, who as everyone knows are the biggest ullus in the world, any con-man can pull a fast one and relieve them of their money. Of course, they have lots more where it came from, from their loot and bloodsucking of the poor. They pay '000s of rupees and travel by air to watch matches - but don't think twice about arguing over 2 rupees with rickshaw wallahs etc. And the money comes from media and advertising, on TV etc. People watch the matches on TV. If everyone simply decided enough is enough and got bored - then the whole edifice would collapse. But that's not about to happen. Tomorrow if you packaged shit and sold it to India's oh-so-shining, they'd buy that too. Only one response for them: goo kha.

SC: Hear hear! The cap fits. I think I can recognise these mean rich ullus. I have seen them waving flags on TV. What are they screaming for? Their players don't even hail from their cities/states. And too much 20:20 is rendering India impotent in Test matches! Are they proud of that?

BA: The ullu class has neither knowledge nor values, neither taste nor aesthetics, they are just monkeys with money. Not for them cricket aesthetics or any aesthetics for that matter. If the maoists or the jihadis wiped out this class, the net result would only be positive!


Paweł Kwas said...

Its like mmorpg game, i like very much.

Anonymous said...

Ciekawy wpis, ja nosze tylkobluzy męskie el polako ktore sobie chwale.