Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This lady does not vanish

I had the following discussion with a friend, let us call him D.

D: This was a good result. They, i.e. CPI(M), have got their comeuppance at last. I can only hope the lessons will be well-learnt because if this is repeated 2 years later, in West Bengal we will go from frying pan to fire. But indications are that the college ideologues in Delhi are unwilling to learn anything. On the other hand, will the victorious lady learn anything now? Both sides need merciless whipping.

Me: I am not cynical and anxious about life in Bengal after the lady comes to office. Things cannot get any worse, they can only get better. And the people of Bengal, once awakened, cannot be taken for granted. And being able to fight against state power, on and on, for almost 20 years now, despite all the abuse, reviling, vilification, pillorying and beating, and finally vanquish the oppressor, does surely indicate some capability. If that capability, that sense of challenge, that fighting spirit, is focused on good governance, then surely some good will come out of that.

D: I'm not sure about the lady coming to office here and indeed things can get much much worse. The people of Bengal lack stamina anyway. Can't expect any deliverance as it's difficult to say which is the greater evil. In any case, as a bad Bong I have never been a political animal and have limited interest in social issues. Not keen on spoiling the party but am certainly cynical about our state, though feeling optimistic about Bharat at his point.

Me: There is no such thing as Bharat, every place in Bharat is another place like Bengal or Kolkata or whichever village. Bengalis have stamina - to be so badly raped repeatedly for 32 years and more and survive, and though they are down, they are definitely not out. The Bengali cannot be wiped out or effaced. His sense of self is indestructible. And indestructible is his desire to find joy and self-satisfaction, even amidst the most hellish circumstances and deprivation.

D: I meant sarkar. Getting raped for 32 years doesn't indicate stamina but such a populous community can't be wiped out unless there is a deadly fish flu! Effacement has occurred over the years but hubris is indestructible. You are right about the joy and satisfaction and above all, humour. Also, talent is still there aplenty.

Deliverance will come if we can throw out governments every 5 years. If the lady manages to come, with the penchant for shooting herself in the foot, she isn't capable of staying put like the Left, thankfully! Nor should any future Left be allowed to stay for long again. There may be some danger of Gujarat getting stuck with Modi and BJP.

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