Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A tale of India

I do not normally pay much attention to advertisements, and especially those of Pepsi and the like, However, I have been really tickled pink, so to speak, by Pepsi's current "Yeh Hai Youngistan Meri Jaan" ad ("This is Young India, My Darling"), featuring some of the young players of the Indian cricket team. I can go on watching it and each time I'm in splits. The swagger, boorish brag and threatening shoulder swish of the little big guy bully boy, who snubs Ishan Sharma, are just too much! And the look (of incredulity) shared with us, on Ishan's face - is also just too much!

"Jaanta hai, mera baap kaun hai?"

Do you know who my Dad is?

That's the tale of India. Not democracy, not rights, not rule of law, but who you are, whose son you are, who you know, what your connections are, who fixed things for you. In my own Calcutta, things happen because of the CPI(M), the ultimate Dad, and the implied threat of violence against anyone who dares question anything they do, whether it is illegal, immoral or inhuman.

If there's one lesson young India needs to take to heart, then that is - it does NOT matter who your Dad is. All that matters is you, your aspirations, your dreams, your zeal for success, your hard work, your unremitting persistence and pursuit of excellence. And that will make YOU a real Dad!

Here's the ad.

The soundtrack:

Scene with MS Dhoni

You would have heard of electricity, water and phone connections. But this connection?! Oh my Dad!

Scene with Ishan Sharma

In the admission line, the son of the VIP says: "Do you know who my Dad is?"

Who's a Daddy now!

Scene with Sreesanth

In the midst of talk of moves, lovey dovey talk, the commissioner's son says: "Romeo, do you know who my Dad is, yaen?"

Scene with Virendra Sehwag

At the (hair-cutting) saloon chair, the minister's only son says: "Off, don't you know who my Dad is?"

Hail dad!

Final scene with all four players

Now, today, we don't know yesterday's Dads. If we know anything, its only our thirst. To get ahead, only one connection is necessary, the one between you and your thirst.

Yeh Hai Youngistan Meri Jaan!

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Gregg Allen said...

Didn't understand a word of it (OK, maybe the English ones), but loved it anyway.