Thursday, February 05, 2009


10 November is an important date for me. Something happened to me on that date, in 1993. And once again, on the last 10 November something, happened to me. In the intervening 15 years, much has happened, its been a long and difficult journey. But the final destination was indeed a fine one. Enough to efface any despair, depression, dismay, sadness, doubt, confusion, inertia, apathy.

Life is too precious to be destroyed by human folly. Good, Truth, Beauty - LOVE - cannot be extinguished and can only prevail.

Love is not something relating to the external world. It exists first in the inner world. And there it is perfect. Of course, the person feeling that perfect inner love cannot be divorced from the external world. S/he lives in it, but realises the perfection within himself or herself. The inner perfection is more real and rich than anything the external world can bring. But it also offers a promise and hope about the outer world.

Notwithstanding life, circumstances, people, failures - one can still be in a state of certainty, fullness, harmony within oneself. That does not mean a kind of smug stasis, but an equilibrium, a base from which to engage with reality, doing whatever can be done. One may not say, I am happy, for that is impossible when one lives in the daily grind of life and chosen to aspire for, value and desire various public, human ends. But one can learn how not to be unhappy.

Behind anger - lies LOVE. Anger presumes love and sits upon the labour of love. There is a perpetual hunger for love, that remains unrequited. Great love and compassion for all - feeds this hunger, and leads to the humanisation of the dehumanised.

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