Thursday, July 24, 2008



What are your views on the trust vote in parliament?

Parliament, govt etc are so irrelevant in terms of actual governence - seen from the slum level. I dont understand the shock about bundles of money being thrown in parliament. that's sheer hypocrisy or criminal ignorance. As if in a sea of stinking corruption, parliament must be a pure fig leaf. Bullshit. Parliament is finally expressing the reality.

Ha ha! Worse were the English news channels.

The millions in rupee bundles should have been shoved up their arses. We are more enamoured of the forms and rituals of democracy and unconcerned about its living pratice. Fig leaf fetishism.

Parliament should be converted into a go shala or cow shelter. Better still, one house can be a Hindu cow shelter and the other one a Muslim slaughterhouse.

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