Monday, July 16, 2007

Time to fill water

Ayi paniya bharan ki bela... That translates to "its time to fill water". Thus goes a phrase from the song "Bhor Aayi Gaya Andhiyara" in the Hindi film Bawarchi (1972). The lyrics are by Kaifi Azmi, and the music was composed by Madan Mohan.

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bhor ayi gaya andhiyara
sarey jag mey hua ujiyara
nachey jhoomey yeh man matwara...

ayi paniya bharan ki bela
laga jamuna ke tat par mela
mil ke bharlo e bharlo o sajni
boley chan chan key ghunguru madila...

Dawn's come, darkness' gone
The whole world's in light
This heart dances and swirls in intoxication...

Its time to fill water
Its like a fair on the Yamuna bank
Fill it up, O fill it up, dear companions
The dancing-bells ring intoxicatedly ...

Divine light, and fullness of Divine love are realised after the long, dark night of the soul... Like the dark night of the soul is likened to the pain of the separated lover, the Divine embrace is likened to the union of separated lovers. The lyrics resonate connotations of Radha's exultation at the return of her beloved Krishna.

A couple of lines by Rabindranath Tagore, in Bengali, say much the same thing:

eshechhey borsha, eshechhey nobino borsha,
gogono bhoriya, eshechey bhubono bhorsha

In my translation -

The rain's come, the new rain's come!
Filling the firmament, a universe of faith's come!

Water, rain - refers to love, with which one is awash, filled, when the dark night of the soul is at an end, and the light of Grace, faith, conviction emerges. Just as village women go out to fetch water in their pots at dawn, its now time to fill oneself with Divine love.

Bawarchi is a delightful film, from the golden days of Hindi cinema. Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, it is the Hindi version of the Bangla film Galpa Holeo Satyi, starring the late Robi Ghosh (story and direction by Tapan Sinha). Its about simplicity, love, and living to bring joy to others.

Here's a YouTube clip of the song:


Uma said...

Hey thanks for stopping by at my blog ( As a result I found your blog and am amazed at the music! Took a look at sacred songs and discovered one whose lyrics I've been looking for, for a while: Abide with me. It's a hymn we used to often sing at school and I love it. Love music in general. Cheers!

Shirazi said...

How are you rama?

irving said...

A lovely song :)

Ya Haqq!