Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grand orchestra of love

There are impressions of love on the face of the sun; water evaporates, rising toward those impressions, and after it has been condensed in drops high above, the drops fall joyfully onto the earth on wings of love. Then, thousands of flowers burst through with love, offering smiles to their surroundings. Dew drops on leaves glitter with love and twinkle with amusement. Sheeps and lambs bleat and skip about with love, and birds and chicks chirp with love and form choruses of love.

Each being takes part in the grand orchestra of love in the universe with its own particular symphony and tries to demonstrate, by free will or through its disposition, an aspect of the deep love that is found in existence.

M Fethullah G├╝len


Irving said...

Beautiful and absolutely true :) It was the feeling I was trying to convey poetically in The Song of the Heart.


Ya Haqq!

Poetry said...


A wild rambling rose of a woman,
with a smoky smile and jaunty hips.
Tan as a summer's day.

Brisk, bracing, brusque.
Like a March wind.

Cool air pours off a sheer blue glacier.

Ice lipped steel bergs
Way down under...

Pieces of the sky
scattered over the glassy waters of a lake.

Mirror world lake reflected.
A reflex action.
A world dopplegangered.
One twin clear and sure.
The other rippled by winds of fate and chance.

Kozi Wolf said...

mesmerizing and beautiful!