Saturday, April 28, 2007


A painting on bark by Kneepad,
of Groote Eylandt, illustrates creation
story from Australian indigenous people.

In Mahayana Buddhism, there are several very sacred texts, of apocryphal origin, which are very mythic in their content, and phantasmagorical in their description.

The Prince who became a Cuckoo: reading this within the specific psycho-social circumstances I was in, and the state of mind-being generated by that - I only saw it as a "manual of planning".

The Lotus of the True Law: became a "manual of long-term planning” (i.e.trans-historic, e.g. for a final outcome that will emerge after several centuries and then endure over millenia).

The Land of Bliss: a "textbook of civics".

During the period I read these texts - everything took on an aura.

The Sufi teaching has this trans-historicity.

Hermann Hesse’s Journey to the East is an example from contemporary times.

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