Saturday, April 28, 2007

O sole mio

From the Three Tenors Concert, Rome, 1990; Placido Domingo - Jose Carreras - Luciano Pavarotti, conducted By Zubin Mehta.

Che bella cosa, 'na Iurnata 'e sole
N'aria serena doppo 'na tempesta
Pe' ll'aria fresca pare già 'na festa
Che bella cosa 'na iurnata 'e sole
Ma n'atu sole cchiù bello, ohi nè
'o sole mio, sta nfronte a te
'o sole, o sole mio
sta nfronte a te, sta nfronte a te!

In English translation:

What a wonderful thing a sunny day
The cool air after a thunderstorm!
The fresh breezes banish the heavy air…
What a wonderful thing a sunny day.

But another sun,
that’s brighter still
It’s my own sun
that’s in your face!
The sun, my own sun
It’s in your face!
It’s in your face!

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