Thursday, March 15, 2007

Petition on state terror in Nandigram

After the CPI(M) led state government of West Bengal embarked on a policy of forcibly acquiring agricultural land, faced with strong resistance in the villages, the state has unleashed the barbaric police force and the cadres of CPI(M) on the protesting villages, with a license to kill.

Yesterday, following a massive police + cadre operation, some 20 people are feared to have been killed and over 200 injured.

Please sign and circulate the on-line petition against state terror in Nandigram. The petition is accessible here.


Anonymous said...

There is a need to set up an enquiry commission of distinguished apolitical people (not associated with naxalites, trinamool, cpm and social activists) to go into the reasons behind such violence. But where can we get such people today?

Everybody nowadays from Medha Patkar to Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Mamata Bannerjee to Arundhuti Ray are selfish, egoistic and often corrupt.

The Naxalites (Maoists) are trying to take over West Bengal. Singur and Nandigram are just excuses for their violent ways. Even today Naxal terror groups butchered 50 policemen in Chattisgarh. Naxals are also linked with fascist Islamic terror groups (Have you ever heard of Maoist groups in Islamic countries?)

It is well known now that the Naxalites used women and children as human shields in Nandigram. They fired guns and threw bombs at police from behind the human shield of innocent farmers. This was how they incited the police to fire back. Such tactics of Naxalites needs to be exposed and condemned.

The incompetent West Bengal police is beyond condemnation. They are just a corrupt force which is busy taking bribes. And now they proved that they can kill the innocent while the real culprits have all fled for safety.

The rise of Islamic groups like Jamait is unwelcome in a secular democracy. Their tie up with the Naxalites is to be condemned. The Jamait needs to be isolated and exposed.

The antics of Mamata Bannerjee has reached a crescendo. All she knows is indulge in violence and call Bandhs. She wants to roll back West Bengal to the dark seventies when Naxal terror and Congress fascism was at its peak. Her party is basically a party of mobsters.

So she has joined hands with Naxalites now and also Jamait. The funny thing is that she has joined hands with BJP also. And the Congress is also supporting her. And here is the icing on the cake. The CP(I)M supports the Congress at the centre. Isn't that revealing enough?

And the less said about the CP(I)M, the better. This is a party which devasted Bengal for two decades (only in last decade it has improved a bit). Now they organized this Nandigram fiasco.

There is no doubt now that the Naxalites, BJP, Trinamool Congress, Congress (I), Jamait e Hind, CP(I)M and the police are all together in this violence. The poor farmers were just pawns in their dangerous and diabolical political games.

And why a petition to the Governor? He is just washing his hands off as if he was "shocked" to hear this.

And then the lawyers who vandalized buses - these are the people who are supposed to defend the law!

And what about our social activists? These glamour girls and guys are more into award chasing and pushing the nation into the brink of disaster by inciting violence (to win more kudos at socialist seminars).

And of course the "intellectuals" who are basically fronts for Naxalite or anti National groups and pose as "human rights" groups. Their dubious role in this violence needs to be highlighted too.

Shame on all these people.

Save India and save West Bengal from their clutches.

rama said...

Yes dear friend, we can only wait for a Messiah like you to "solve" all the problems. But perhaps this Messiah is far worse than all those named? Your confusion and ignorance are hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment!