Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nandigram: Left Front must go!

Jaga re jaga re jaga sara sansar!

Awakened, awakened, awakened!
The whole world’s awakened!

Pictures from yesterday’s Nandigram protest rally and demonstration at Esplanade, Calcutta, are accessible here.

The meeting demanded the resignation of the Left Front govt of West Bengal, led by the murderous CPI(M). Speakers expressed their rage and revulsion against the govt. Singer-activist-mediaman Kabir Suman exhorted the police to revolt against the govt. Naba Datta, of Nagarik Manch, called for exemplary punishment for those responsible, like Binoy Konar, the so-called peasant front leader, who must be held accountable for his explicit incitement to murder, which was no different from the incitement to kill Muslims by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in 2002.

The question of alternatives etc – is not pertinent at this point. The govt must go, and all else will follow.

Whatever “moral” authority Mrs Sonia Gandhi had – has been squandered by her studied silence on the Nandigram massacre. She should have visited the affected areas immediately after.

Meanwhile, a group of spit-licking “leftist intellectuals” has set a new record for shamelessness and obsequiousness by issuing a statement to condone the Left Front govt’s actions – after 10 days of silence following the massacre. This includes Amiya Bagchi, MK Raina, Malini Bhattacharya, Utsa Patnaik, Jayati Ghosh, Mohan Rao, Nasir Tyabji, Teesta Setalvad. It is shocking that Teesta Setalvad should have added her name to this shameful apologia. Did she ask for Narendra Modi to be excused after the Gujarat riots and pogrom?

I am astounded that not a single minister in the West Bengal cabinet thought it fit to resign because of the massacre. But I guess I should be astounded at my wishful thinking.

Left Front chairman has alleged a deep-rooted conspiracy to destabilise the govt. He should forget his schoolboy cloak-and-dagger fantasies and know that it is simply a clearly-expressed hatred of the ugly criminals who make up his CPI(M), that is widespread and is now finding voice thanks to the Nandigram resistance.

A group of women activists from Calcutta visited Nandigram yesterday for a first-hand appraisal. Their report will be available soon.

A mass movement has been kindled by Nandigram. But the ramifications of the stark vacuum of civil society stares at us. Perhaps for the first time in decades, civil society is emerging. The soil of Singur and Nandigram should be consecrated by anyone who cherishes human dignity. It may be difficult to build martyrs’ memorials in neighbourhoods throughout the state and country. But people can make them within their own homes. They can build the memorial in their hearts, and pay tribute to the victims of Nandigram through their action. In the new topography being mapped by the resistance to the all-powerful nexus of global capital and the pliant, corrupt local state, Singur and Nandigram are sacred sites. Children born now should be named “Singur” and “Nandigram”, expressing their parents' fervent wish that they shall grow up to usher in and live in a world of dignity and justice.


Floating Dreams said...

In your report of the march on 25.3.07 you have stated that people have demanded that the left must go. I agree. Some clear thinking is necessary.

Nandigram was a blatant (I fail to find adequate adjectives in the English language to describe the violence and mayhem) attempt to once again establish the supremacy of the ruling party, in this case the CPI-M, through the use of the Government machinery and the police which is given to the State Goovernment for govenrnance. This is a crime against democracy. For this the CPI-M party must be punished and not some individual like Benoy Konar, Lakshman Seth or Buddhadeb Bahttacharyya. The entire party was to blame. THE PARTY MUST BE BANNED FROM PARTICIPATING IN ELECTIONS FOR 12 YEARS.

2. This is complete breakdown of the operation of the Constitutionaly machinery. If article 356 cannot be applied here, it should be removed from the Constitution. THIS GOVERNMENT MUST BE SACKED UNDER ARCTILE 356.

I have written to the President of India on these lines. We have no expectations. But we shall hope.

And another thing. A huge monument will be built opposite the Writers beside that of Binoy Badal and Dinesh to remind any occupants of the building of the power of the people they govern.

Arry Potter said...

well said! acccepted.

Anonymous said...

Trinamool Congress and Mamata Bannerjee should be banned along with Naxalites. They are the ones who incited and indulged in violence in Nandigram. For three decades she has been in the forefront of violence.

Trinamool-BJP-Naxalite-Jamait combine are trying very hard to stop industrialization and progress of West Bengal. They are basically anti Bengal forces.

The people of West Bengal are shocked by Nandigram, but they are not fools. In the next elections they will vote for the Left Front again. Not because the Left Front is good. But because the Left front is far better than the goonda combine of BJP-Trinamool-Jamait-Nacxalites.

Trinamool-Naxalite-Jamait sympathizers who are busy spreading misinformation and anti Bengal hate campaign, can just keep dreaming that they will come to power on the blood of Nandigram. That will not happen.

Jai Hind. Joy Bangla.

rama said...

Hey anon, you're the one whose in a daydream. Who gives a damn about Trinamul? You have conceded that CPM rules not out of people's will but because of lack of any other opposition. This is tantamount to saying that they should not be in power.

Everyone is entitled to wage battle in politics. And the CPM is no "washed tulsi leaf" as far as propriety or morality or ethics is concerned. So why do you now cry foul?

Who committed the barbaric violence in Nandigram? Strange that you have not a word about this. Perhaps if your mother and sister were subject to the violence, you would have felt different? Or maybe, like a true CPM-ite, in the cause of the party, in that event you would have been in the forefront of the gang???

Enjoy the cozy lap of your godfathers - its not going to be there for very much longer.



Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking but good luck! Who will come - God?

rama said...

The Constitution of India provides for President's rule. So that would follow the ousting of the Left Front. When elections are subsequently held - with the CPI(M) not being in office - there will be some result. You need not worry. God - its the CPI(M) that should start praying fervently now, to save their skins!



Anonymous said...

Their will be no President's rule under UPA - at best the usual token noises. Not even NDA could do it. Even if there is they will soon be back as there is none to replace them in the forseeable future. But keep up the public protests - maybe some day, some thing......

Anonymous said...

Exposing the misdeeds of the Naxalites and their NGO fronts and intellectuals. So should there be a President's rule in all 23 Naxalite affecteed states and the Maoists be arrested and jailed?

Indian farmers killed for giving land to industry by Naxalits/Maoists

RAIPUR, India, April 1 (Reuters) - Maoist rebels killed two farmers for allowing their land to be acquired for a planned steel plant, Indian police said on Sunday, as the country debates industrial projects being set up on farmland.

The killings took place in a village in Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh state in central India, which is the worst hit of at least 13 out of 29 states affected by Maoist violence.

"Over 40 armed Maoists raided Bhansi village and killed two tribal villagers by slitting their throats for agreeing to surrender their land for Essar Steel's planned plant," senior police officer O.P. Pal told Reuters by telephone.

Bhansi village is about 400 km (250 miles) south of the Chhattisgarh's capital, Raipur.

Police said Maoists had warned residents in the area not to hand over their land in return for financial compensation for the steel plant of Essar Steel Ltd. which had signed a deal with mineral-rich Chhattisgarh in 2005 for investing 70 billion rupees ($1.6 billion) in the project in Dantewada.

rama said...

Hi CPM tail-flea, I'm amused that you and your godfathers seem to be terrified of Naxalites, and that too after ruling unchallenged for 30 years! What a strong party! But actually Nandigram has nothing to do with Naxalites. All the people who revolted and became militant against the CPM were party members or supporters. They do not have any faith in the party or govt. And the demand for dismissal of the Left Front govt is because of the crime against humanity the party / govt has committed. They need to be ousted in order for prosecution and appropriate punishment to take place. And yes, please carry on your campaign to expose the misdeeds of Maoists or whoever. I have no objections. But your own gang-members are abandoning the sinking ship. Try to ascertain the reasons for that!

Anonymous said...

You have to be dreaming if you think nandigram has nothing to do with the naxalites or the reactionary Trinamul party. They are instrumental in adding to the continuing choas and carnage and are using this for political mileage. You must be really naive to think that the opposition in Nandigram is purely a peasant resistance against the CPM without political overtones!

rama said...

I do hope it IS political! The CPM must go! And by any which way. They are able to be in power simply because of the lack of an electoral opposition. Its like one-party rule. There is no substantive reason for the CPM to remain in power. They are utterly bankrupt in every way, and an enemy of the people. So they must go, and that is that. Trinamul, or anybody else - makes no difference. The struggle for people's rights and development must continue.

radical hypocrite said...

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