Friday, March 16, 2007

The Last Post

An important event during the Rimcollians' reunion at the RIMC in Dehradun is the wreath-laying ceremony at the War Memorial in the school. This honours all the Old Boys who made the supreme sacrifice, of their lives, during battle. The list of names on the War Memorial begins from the Second World War, and continues to the present (in anti-insurgency operations).

The wreath-laying by a senior Old Boy, to the playing of the Last Post by buglers is a sombre and unfailingly moving experience for all the Old Boys present. Being back in school during the reunion, everyone is joyously transported to their childhood. But the War Memorial ceremony, and the Last Post, remind us that some others with similar happy children's laughter were suddenly snatched away, by the very heroism inculcated by the school. There is pin-drop silence, its as if even the leaves on the trees are still.

The 'Last Post' bugle call is used at military funerals, memorials and times of Remembrance. It symbolises the 'end of the soldier's day' in so far as the dead soldier has finished his duty and can rest in peace.

Hear / download the Last Post here.

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