Thursday, March 22, 2007


Music concerts for Nandigram – the first one took place yesterday. Dohar, a gifted and popular group dedicated to propagating and renewing Bangla folk songs and music, performed at the Gyan Manch in Calcutta on 21 March. The concert had been scheduled for 16 March, but that was the day of the Bandh, or strike, called in protest against the massacre in Nandigram on 14 March.

Though the solo concert was a long-cherished wish for Dohar, they felt unable to make this a joyous occasion, where they could sing happily to their hearts’ content. They refused to do so. Nandigram had overshadowed their performance. The people whose songs and music they sing – the common folk – were being killed. Their songs are part of the living culture of the common folk. So protest and accusation of the evil tyrant suffused their songs.

One is fortunate and blessed that groups like Dohar exist. May they be granted every strength. To hear some of Dohar's songs click here.

Here's Dohar's Baul song Dekhechhi Rup-sagorey Moner Manush ("In the ocean of beauty I've seen my heart's companion").

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Blogger Shree has also written about Dohar's concert - here, here and here.

Listening to Dohar’s songs – I knew myself. I am a product of the soil of Bengal. What I know is from this soil. What moves, touches, awakens, inspires and fulfils me, is from this soil. Its here I want to be. Its here I want to see paradise on earth. And its with the humble people of this place that I want to build that.

Listen to Mousumi Karmakar's song tribute to those killed and wounded in Nandigram here.

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shree said...

Thank you Dear friend that you have liked my post.I liked the write up on nandigram very much.before any change
there is struggle.God willing the change will come soon.