Monday, February 19, 2007

Movies and Books

The Profile section of this blog has "Favourite Movies" and "Favourite Books". I have listed some memorable movies and books seen and read over the years, from my childhood to now.

My friend Dr Mrinal Bose chided me yesterday for departing from blogging about literature. I am not a scholar of literature. I'm only a reader and a lover of literature. Hence my relationship to a work, or a writer, is a very intense, personal, sensory, cerebral, emotional, experience. The experience of reading something, at a specific juncture, being taken by the work, the insights into and resonances with one's own life - I think a few posts on this blog (e.g. Frog's Song) have emanated from this space.

Dr Bose said he was also interested in cinema and I told him I planned to write about all the films I saw in the year 1982-83, in London, with my friend James. Again, this is as much about my experience at that time of being with James and seeing those films, as its about those films.

How much I have been fed by literature and cinema, from my early childhood, and that supreme bounty still continues, though far reduced in quantity. I invite readers to take a look at the list of films and books (literature) I have shared.

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Reel Fanatic said...

Wow! .. you certainly did put a lot of effort in compiling those ... Any list that contains "The Lavender Hill Mob" is great to me, and I jotted down some titles I had missed ..