Monday, January 15, 2007

Sankranti at Rishi Valley School

A special programme was organised at the Rishi Valley School on the morning of 13th January, to observe Sankranti, the harvest festival of south India.


Yves said...

I feel that the nearest thing to this school in the West would be a Rudolf Steiner school, but I may be mistaken. At what age do they teach the children to read?

rama said...

Hi Yves, yes there would be some similarity with the Rudolf Steiner schools. Rishi Valley School is one of the schools in India established by the Krishnamurti Foundation. J Krishnamurti was a thinker who wrote extensively about children's education. The main school is for children from 9 years upwards. There is also a primary section, for the children of staff, including non-teaching staff. I guess the age of entry must be 5+.