Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Angels among us

I was to leave last evening to spend a few days with friends. Owing to severe fog conditions in Delhi, flights have gone haywire. Finally, late today morning, I realised that my plans have necessarily to be cancelled.

That also occasioned some reflections, centring on “angels”.

Yves has been writing on angels. See four of his posts here, here, here and here.

The self, and others. Angels exist in the spectrum in between.

Looking out for oneself even at the cost of harm to others, is very common. Putting oneself in difficulty to benefit others, is uncommon.

Angels are exceptions. Angels are crushed and trampled upon and cheated. And so it must be. Yet angels exist, and they never fail to rise again.

Angels confound our calculations. They are part of the miraculous order of things.

A gathering of angels is an even rarer phenomenon. For unless angels exist among common folk, life itself could not go on. Life and creation are too precious to be left to the management of common people. Hence angels walk among us. And thus are the world and humanity protected and elevated.

Angels are uncommon. They are different. Angels are beyond gender i.e. they manifest both genders; as well as neither.

For procreation, male and female are needed. For the sustenance of life on earth, angels are needed.

But angels too have their needs. They are nourished within this very world. And angels are also sustained by the miraculous.

But why do I write all this? Because by my own volition and life’s mysterious ways, I think I have finally come home. No world, no country; only one’s own heart. My own heart is my only true home. And here I dwell only among angels.


irving said...

Salaam Dear Brother Rama:

May you always dwell among the angels :) This was truly a beautiful post.

Ya Haqq!

Kozi Wolf said...

when humans and angels meet it's pure light.
i agree with irving. that was beautiful.

God bless,

Bonita said...

Wonderful post! Lets hope our hearts can hear the angels when they are ready to guide our way. We cannot do life without them. ~ Bonita

Kathy said...

i like to think that there is Angels among us. :)

nice post! Thanks Rama!

isaiah said...

Beautiful and heart-felt, Rama. Yes, there are angels among us. We see when we believe.

Happy New Year, my friend. Many miles away, we are, yet closer to the heart.

mark walter said...

I share your belief that angels walk among us as incarnated Beings. How else would we advance, without such help? Here is a short post I wrote with respect to the treatment of angels: http://eternalawareness.wordpress.com/2006/09/23/credentials-and-authority/

Yves said...

Rama, this is a lovely post, that comes from experience I know. I would like to add a clarification. Let us not confuse angels with humans who are sometimes angel-inspired.

The way I see it is this. Angels will not intervene in anything except to help bring about what is of benefit to the universe, as opposed to sectional interests. Angels cannot intervene unless invoked. This does not necessitate a specific prayer for their aid. It can be an unspoken wish.

I don't know if angels are independent beings as they have been portrayed, or a function of life generally. & I will never say anything about them which I have not experienced personally.

rama said...

Hullo Yves, thanks for the clarification!