Monday, December 04, 2006

What is Singur?

I received this e-mail from my friend Dr Mrinal Bose this morning.

These lines came out spontaneously as I sat at my computer this morning.

Singur is the great betrayal by a government of its people.

Singur is Marxism undone in one fell stroke.

Singur is unabashed corporate greed.

Singur is collaboration between agents of globalization and local government.

Singur is the great showdown between power and the people.

Singur is the underdog’s battle against sophisticated state machinery.

Singur is the police’s ultimate sadistic delight.

Singur is a mother’s moan over her son taken away by the police.

Singur is all wrongs and mistakes.

Singur is a burgeoning movement

Singur is history’s great denouement.

Singur is Buddhadeb’s trial and nemesis.

Read Dr Mrinal Bose's story on Singur here.

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