Thursday, December 21, 2006

Example of transparency

The general secretary of the State Government Employees’ Federation, Mr Partha Chatterjee, sought information, under the Right to Information Act, from the commerce and industry department of the West Bengal state govt, regarding the terms and conditions of the deal between the govt and Tata Motors for the latter’s proposed small car factory at Singur.

Mr Panchanan Banerjee, public information officer of the commerce and industry department, in his reply said there was some information which could not be given to Mr Chatterjee.

Information regarding stamp duty exemption given by the state govt to the Tatas could not be divulged. Nothing could be revealed on the exemption of water tax, VAT and other duties granted to the Tatas. No information was provided on the understanding signed between the state govt and the Tatas either. The state govt declined to say anything on the steps it is going to take against the Tatas if the proposed project gets delayed. The govt was also unable to reveal the exact amount of money which the Tatas had paid to the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation for the land at Singur.

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do you have more information on
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