Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2 years after the Tsunami

I had written on the subject of post-disaster rehabilitation, in the context of the super-cyclone in Orissa in late 1999. A number of important lessons had been highlighted. But it seems we are condemned to commit the same hideous errors again and again.

On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the Tsunami of 26 December 2004, a number of articles have dwelt on the insensitivity of the rehabilitation operations.


Swamped by deceit

Insensitive rehabilitation

Dreams die first


scruffysmileyface said...

Irrepressible Rama~

I've read many times that there have been myriad difficulties with effective tsunami relief in India and Sri Lanka. On the Thailand side, my charity, North Andaman Tsunami Relief, has found a solution in community-based eco-tourism. Do you think that this could benefit Indian victims as well?

rama said...

Hullo! Thanks for your comment. Community-based eco-tourism - that should work well, I think. As would community-based anything! The point is to work with the community. That does'nt happen in India, for various reasons. Seems a simple thing, to want the community to recover, to wok with them etc. But apparently not so simple! It does'nt happen. Because "community" is not homogenous, its made up of people of different status. Even in a pre-disaster situation, the people at the lowest rung - like the Dalits, in India - are victims of discrimination etc. So how can there be a outpouring of compassion where there was exclusion? I have touched on such issues in the essay linked to my post.

Best, rama