Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Talimi Haq School blog

After hearing from Clarence Fisher, I started a blog yesterday for Talimi Haq School.

During 2003-04, the children at Talimi Haq School had participated in an internet communication project, with students from schools in the UK, around the theme of "nature". This had been initiated by UK artists Anne Eggebert and Polly Gould. Going through my computer files last evening, I found that there's a lot of text and images from that project which I could put up on the school blog.

And of course, the teachers and students could also be motivated to make regular posts. We have a computer and a broad-band connection at the school, as well as a scanner and a digital camera.

I would like to think this opens up an exciting new chapter in the life of the the teachers and children at Talimi Haq School.


Clarence said...

Isn't it amazing to think that this is all we need to be in touch half way across the globe? To learn from each other and to understand a bit more about the lives of people who live in situations that are completely different from our own?

Bonita said...

This will be a wonderful project - I wish you much joy in presenting it. It will be worth the work, and a celebration too.

rama said...

Thank you! Best rama