Monday, November 13, 2006

Singur Update

My friend Sumit Chowdhury has sent me an update on the farmers' agitation in Singur against the forcible acquisition of their land by the West Bengal govt, to hand over to the Tata company for their small car plant.

The update is accessible here.

Sumit has also set up a discussion group called Farmland for development, to exchange information on the countrywide onslaught on fertile farmlands in the name of development, which threatens the life and livelihood of millions.

Aj mukhomukhi dariechhe duto dal
Ar majhamajhi nei to kichhui
Hoy Tatar dalal ar noy to
Ek laruku manush hobi tui

Face to face stand two groups
There’s nothing in between
Either Tata’s tout or
A fighting human you will be.

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