Monday, November 13, 2006

Off to MEDICA 06

I leave this evening for Duesseldorf, Germany, where our company is exhibiting at the MEDICA trade fair.

MEDICA is held around mid-November every year in Duesseldorf. It is the largest and most important trade fair in the medical equipment sector.

I learnt about MEDICA - thanks to the internet. In 2002, shortly after I began working on export promotion, I had come upon the website of Dr Joseph Eldor, an anaesthesiologist in Israel. I communicated with him, and he advised me that we should participate in MEDICA. That was a major watershed in the life of our small manufacturing enterprise.

MEDICA is the Mecca of global medical technology business! Being there - is a scintillating experience, but also very hectic and demanding.

After the fair, I will be visiting my friend Johannes Laping in Heidelberg, and then spending a few days meeting family and friends in London. I hope to meet my college friend JP in London - after more than 26 years. And I hope to meet my new blogger friend Yves.

I will be back in Calcutta on 24th November.

Till then, bye dear friends, and my best wishes to all!

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Yves said...

Bon Voyage, dear Rama. See you in London!