Monday, November 13, 2006

Murray Bookchin

I just learnt via Jan Freijser's long response to my post on Lewis Mumford, about the passing away recently of Murray Bookchin, American political philosopher and activist, and one of the founders of the Institute for Social Ecology. Among his well-known and very influential books were The Ecology of Freedom, and Post-Scarcity Anarchism.

I was saddened, all the more so since he passed away more than 3 months ago and I had not heard about this from the newspapers or TV.

How much I owe to the writings of Murray Bookchin! I am moved to tears recollecting the days I spent reading his books so many years ago, and the impact they had on my consciousness.

His obituary in The Guardian may be read here.

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irving said...

May God bless dear Murray's soul. He was a man of peace and social justice, and devoted his life to its cause.

Ya Haqq!