Thursday, November 02, 2006

City renewal blog

In 2000 I got a domain name and put up a website of Howrah Pilot Project, a slum community empowerment organisation I had started in 1997. But for various reasons that website was a non-starter. I kept renewing the domain name. When renewal time came again recently, I decided to close that chapter, and start a blog-site instead in the same name – cityrenewal.

So yesterday I put up (yet) another blog, City Renewal: rebuilding the city, from the grassroots.

This blog, Cuckoo’s Call – is me (though I have been deliberately silent on various matters). I had put up my poems on Inheritance, which is a static blog. The City Renewal blog would be about my work in Calcutta. And the Talimi Haq School blog would be about one means of that work.

So my blog-communication activity will now be spread over 3 blogs.

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Space Bar said...

hi rama, coming here after a longish time. there's a lot of good work here.

quite off-topic--how's revathy? any news?