Friday, October 06, 2006

Victoria Hanna sings in Mumbai

Victoria Hanna is an Israeli singer. Trained in drama, Victoria performs songs based on ancient Hebrew mystical texts, and set in a contemporary context.

I met Victoria in Jerusalem in 2000, through my friend Jean Claude Jones, who is a jazz bassist, and had performed together with Victoria.

Victoria was in India in 2000-2001 to take vocal lessons, and again in 2003 to perform at a Festival of Sacred Music in New Delhi.

She is in India again now, and recently performed at the India International Centre in New Delhi.

Victoria will be singing in Mumbai. Her programme is titled "The Voice of My Beloved Knocking" (which refers to the Song of Solomon, or the Song of Songs, from the Old Testament).

Saturday 07 Oct 2006 - 06.30 pm - Meherabad, Juhu Koliwada, Juhu.

Sunday 08 Oct 2006 - 08.00 pm - Shaar Hashamim (Gate of Heaven) Synagogue, Thane.

Monday 09 Oct 2006 - 06.30 pm - Magen David Synagogue, Byculla.

"Victoria Hanna held the room rapt with her acrobatic voice, at turns lovely, haunting and frightening, ... leaving jaws agape ..." Time Out (New York).


Anonymous said...

You have an excellent blog. Will comment more after I finish reading it entirely.

Deb S. said...

I'd love to hear Victoria, especially since her program is inspired by King Solomon's words. The Song of Songs is awesome. And, based upon what you say, so is Victoria. I also wish I could have heart that concert with jazz bassist Jean Claude Jones.

Anoop Saha is right, by the way. You do have an excellent blog. But you already knew that. ;-)

krystyna said...

Thanks for this interesting informations,
and your beautiful meet with such a great singer.

Peace be with you!

rama said...

Dear Friends, thank you very much for your kind comments.

But its early days yet (of my blog), and I have yet to find a clear voice / theme / mood!

In that quest, your positive response is most encouraging.

Best, rama