Friday, October 13, 2006

Singur: Please sign this Petition

In the context of the West Bengal Government's efforts to acquire multi-crop lands at Singur, and the ongoing agitation of the local farmers against this take-over, a group of scientists from various research institutes have personally visited the area. They feel it is beyond any doubt that the earmarked lands are extremely fertile and principally used to grow multiple crops, with farming taking place throughout the year.

This has also been shown in the documentary film Abad Bhumi ("Right to Land") prepared by a group of research scholars from the Center for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. The govt's move is going to end the livelihood of more than ten thousand local inhabitants, including farmers, sharecroppers and daily labourers .

They have put up an on-line Petition to the Governor of West Bengal.

To read and sign the Petition click here.

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Irving said...

I have heard that 100,000 farmers in India committed suicide last year. No doubt the government's policy is one reason, besides poverty, debt, and the depression it brings. A sad note for a beautiful country.