Monday, October 09, 2006

Passage between legends

“At the end of the (Grail) legend, the life-force is carried back into the world. Anfortas is healed. Repanse de Schoye leaves her angel-like role as the Grail carrier, and enters a new life. With Feirefis, she sets out into the world. It was a grand farewell. At the same time, it was a new beginning. In India, Repanse gave birth to a son who, as Preston John, was to teach a mystic Christianity in the East. Parzival was the new king in Munsalvasche. Together with Condwiramurs, he led a rich life in the service of the Grail. The land that had once turned to desert, began to blossom again.”

The Journey of the Hero, by Friedemann Wieland.

Read about the Grail Legend here.

While symbols that speak to us are culturally specific, they are also part of the symbolic universe that lies within the collective sub-consciousness of humanity at large.

Like the friendship of ancient trees, like the overlapping canopies of huge trees in a forest – there is a passage between the mythologies, the cognitive and linguistic universe of different peoples. After all the human family is one.

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Bonita said...

Indeed. Big trees hold stories. They are such strong silent worshipers, too.