Thursday, October 26, 2006

Indians Best Husbands for Russian Women

Two years ago I had the opportunity to visit Japan, to attend a 2-week course. Returning home, I felt the purpose of this life of mine had been attained: of visiting Japan, and having the aspiration to be born there in my next life.

But today I read the following PTI report in The Statesman which might make me reconsider my rebirth plans.

Among the foreigners, Indians make the best husbands for Russian women as they are “more open” and share an emotional relationship with family, says the country’s leading feminist intellectual Maria Arbatova.

“In my view, out of all the foreigners, the Indian men are the best husbands for Russian women since they are brought up in a different way,” famous Russian playwright and poetess Arbatova said. “The western culture worships the superman and for an Indian male it is not a shame to cry. They are more emotional and have a more open and emotional relationship with the family,” she said in an interview to Russian Agrarian Gazeta.

Arbatova, a living symbol of feminist movement of post-Communist Russia, had married twice and is living with an Indian. She became a household name in 1990s in Russia with her feminist TV Programme I Can Do It Myself. Since 1996, she heads the club of Women Meddling in Politics to seek a greater role for the Russian women in the country’s politics. She had also won many international prizes including the Cambridge gold medal.

Russian women can adjust better with an Indian husband and “moreover the Indian cinema has showed us that we have a lot in common”, she said adding that no other nation except Indians is more like Russians in terms of character. “They are as open, lazy and dreamy as we. We were destroyed by socialism and India by colonialism,” she said.

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einat said...

Rama - what an incredible place your blog is. A space of contemplation, meandering and getting lost. The pictures of your city and its people, your thoughts. I find it a remarkable experience to be able to have these versatile journeys.
THANK YOU. I enjoy it a lot.

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