Monday, October 09, 2006

Carl Jung

Carl Jung (1875-1961), the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, was one of the greatest explorers of the human mind. The influence of Jung has extended into the realms of art, science, religion, mythology and ecology.

Until nearly the end of his long life, Jung steadfastly refused to attempt the autobiography which his friends and disciples urged him to write and his admirers throughout the world hoped for from him. What he had to say, he maintained, was to be found in the twenty volumes of his professional writings: and in any event he did not believe that men were capable of recording truth about themselves. However, in 1957 he agreed to provide his friend and assistant of many years’ standing, Aniela Jaffe, with the necessary material and exercise a responsible supervision over what she wrote. Soon the task so fascinated him that he began doing the writing himself; and the manuscript as he left it on his death in 1961 is very largely from his own hand.

Thus we have Carl Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections, published (in German) shortly after his death. The English translation (by Richard and Clara Winston) was first published in 1963.

I reproduce below extracts from this book, about his journey to India.


gaelin said...

Jung is one of my all time heroes. The work that he did has yet to be integrated into general consciousness.

He described the human experience in a way that promotes a paradigm shift in thinking. He explored territory were many where unwilling to go.

Thanks for featuring this noble ancestor of ours on your blog :)

krystyna said...

Very interesting post about Carl Jung. Now some of his family live in Poland. But anyone continue his job.
Thanks for remind.

Deb S. said...

When it comes to Carl Jung - and everything else about which you write - you bring a freshness that is uniquely Rama's. You are a very gifted thinker and writer.

rama said...

Thank you friends! rama