Saturday, October 14, 2006

Calcutta photoblog: stock-in-trade 1

I had carried a Calcutta photoblog series some weeks ago, based on pictures taken by the teachers of Talimi Haq School in Howrah, on the initiative of Baird Cornell, an artist from Munich.

I pick up the photoblog again, this time on the theme “stock-in-trade”.

But I must first give credit for all the pictures taken, to the people in the picture above. The photographers are:

Front: Rehana Khatun, Amina Khatun, Yasmeen Parween.
Back: Sarfraz Nawaz, Binod Shaw.


Rose said...

Great picture. Is this the family?...

iamnasra said...

Don of conscious-living was highlighted in LIP (
hope u can share ur thoughts on Don

krystyna said...

Beauty in relationship, beauty in culture, beauty in your literature.
Thanks and best wishes!!