Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teacher's Day

In India, today, 5th September, is observed as Teacher's Day.

This is after the birthday of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, a former President of India, a savant and professor of philosophy.

So its a special day for educational institutions, teachers and students. Teacher's Day is observed without fail in schools across India. In various ways, and often very humorously, students express their regard and love for their teachers.

The teacher-student relation is a profound one. And on 5th Sepetmber every year, people are reminded of this.


View From Above said...

Happy Teacher's Day, rama and thank you for your comments.

What do you teach?

Krystyna said...

I'm glad I found your nice and noteworthy place.
I wish you all the best and Happy Teacher's Day!!

rama said...

Thank you! What I teach: I have taught English, math, economics and urban sociology; at middle school, high school, undergraduate, post-graduate and adult ed levels. And been a counsellor and motivator to students. I'm currently managing our family enterprise, and so I'm not teaching anywhere now. But I always saw myself as primarily a teacher. And my role in all the organisations I'm associated with is akin to a "teacher". Last night I got an sms from a friend /fellow activist, who is a school teacher: "May you continue to inspire and motivate many like us ... A very happy Teacher's Day!" That was a wonderful way to end the day. When a student tells you that she can never forget what you have done for her - I don't think too many things in life can move and humble one as much as that.