Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Silent teacher

Every once in a while, if one is fortunate, one comes face to face with truth, which is so awesome and majestic, as much as it is terrifying, that one is silenced. In silence, does life work, and through silence are its deepest secrets known.

Any attempt to convey the silent truth in words can only be crushing in its inelegance, and only produce negative reactions in those who hear.

In truth, the only way to be for one who is aware and entirely given over to the silent working of life, is silent, and steadfast in faith.

Such a one, is a true teacher. He wields the sword of clear perception endowed by detachment, great compassion and infinite fortitude. He cuts away for his students, even through silence, all ignorance and delusion, arising from attachment and craving, and leading to eternal suffering.

The existence of such teachers and their teaching is part of the silent working of truth. Just as the true teacher will come to a true seeker, the true seeker will also find his way to a true teacher.

Teaching-learning-teaching-… – that is all that life is. Just as the sun shines on, for billions of years, unfailing, without pause or rest – so do the teachers work in life on earth.

Until the last blade of grass crosses the shore of enlightenment. And then shall the work of the teachers be done.

Image: Ramana Maharishi (1879-1950).

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irving said...

Salaam Brother: A wise and true post :) As Rumi says:

Thou hast shut my mouth lest I voice the mysteries, and in the breast Thou hast opened the door I cannot name.

- The Diwan of Rumi

Also in the Nimatullahi Sufi Order, there is a sign on the wall of each khaniqah which reads:
"Silence, for breath is a Godsend."

Ya Haqq!