Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lunar eclipse in Calcutta

In a little while from now, I hope to see the (partial) lunar eclipse that is going to be visible in Calcutta (around midnight, local time).

There had been a total lunar eclipse almost exactly 9 years ago, on 16 September 1997. I had read about the forthcoming eclipse then, and then forgotten about it. Returning home from work that evening, I suddenly came upon the full moon risen large over the eastern sky. Then I remembered the eclipse forthcoming that night. The following lines came immediately to mind. This poem is included in my on-line poetry collection, Inheritance: Poesy for Oneness and Well-being.

Lo moon, over yonder eastern sky!
I b'lieve you're goin' into eclipse today!
Hold fast then, and keep your chin up mate!
Be sure to emerge from earth's shadowy date!
You've weathered clouds and comets galore,
And you'll surely be unvanquished once more!
Our hopes and destiny lie in the balance,
Eternally must you shine in night's darkness!

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kathy said...

beautiful poem! :)