Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Birds of Calcutta

I was thrilled to discover the website "Birds of Kolkata" a few days ago. Wow! What a delightful resource, and what a magnificent public service!

So I'm using an image from this website of the Asian Koel, a common Indian cuckoo (with the permission of the site owner Sumit K Sen).

Ten years ago, I had taken my son Rituraj on a bird-watching morning walk in Calcutta, organised on "Environment Day". Though a lifelong Calcuttan, I was overwhelmed by the range and variety of birds in the very heart of the city, wherever wooded areas are available.

Not far from where I live, are some huge-canopied trees beside a lake. In the evening, at twilight, that place is filled with the sound of thousands of birds chattering away, all perhaps simultaneously trying to tell everyone else all that they did during the day, on and on, until suddenly they become silent, and fall asleep. My boys love to see me enacting this jabberwocky!

Photo: © Sumit K Sen

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