Friday, August 11, 2006

Taking out ...

We are all familiar with the “war against terrorism”.

Some days ago I read this story about Snipers in Afghanistan:

A British sniper waging war on the Taliban, is so deadly he has earned a chilling nickname — The Man Who Never Misses. The unerring Army sharpshooter has killed 39 rebel fighters single-handedly. He works with a partner called a spotter, who locates the target and helps judge wind speed and distance so the bullet travels accurately. The British Army is creating an elite force of almost 700 snipers, with all 38 infantry battalions required to have an 18-man platoon of sharpshooters by 2008. The decision follows the success of British and US sniper teams who have killed dozens of terrorists on recent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In today’s newspaper I read that the West Bengal government will deploy additional manpower to ensure faster acquisition of land for the Tata small car project in Singur. The hearing of complaints, which was to have been conducted over two years, will now have to be done in 15 days. (Farmers have protested against this land acquisition.)

All this makes me wonder: Why is there no war against poverty? War against hunger? War against thirst?

Why are the terrifying scourges of poverty, illiteracy, sickness not “taken out”?

Why are additional staff not deployed to ensure basic education to all?

Another aspect of Kali-yuga, this age of corruption, is that everything is turned upside down. Lunacy is now sanity.

Flitzy posted this quote in her blog:

"If you aren't part of the solution, there is good money to be made prolonging the problem."

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Bonita said...

Keep in mind that we have not yet come to understand that the human race is not valued as much as the burial ground, the earth. We all return to dust.