Monday, August 28, 2006

Indian soaps

Mr IK Shukla, from USA, has sent this post about Hindi soap operas on Indian television.

Their themes, sickeningly limited and invariably decadent, portray women busy beautifying themselves, conspiring about property against family members, shopping, gossiping, actively committing crimes like murder and fraudulent seizure of properties on their own or with co-conspirators, betraying or being betrayed - a whole vista of rotten mindset and total nullity. All rich, living in well-fixed palaces, happy with diamonds, gifts, jewellery, celebrating Happy Birthday To You, and running from party to party, etc. And heavy doses of platitudes, rituals, and "old values", all resurrected and renovated and ceremoniously, expensively celebrated in the interests of a newly forged solidarity of the blood suckers and philistines. A parasitic class of degenerate carpetbaggers, all roaring rich, their talk so boringly limited to their mundane materialism as to exclude most of India, most of the real lives of hundreds of millions, most of the contemporary ordeals by fire that the Third World is undergoing, most of anything noble, large, great and good.


kathy said...

sounds just like the soaps here in America. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rama. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and shall bookmark it now...shall try and go through the archives this week. Hope you find at least one little thing to smile about today!