Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Also here for the birthday party, was my cousin Feroze who lives near London and is visiting India. He is studying law at university. He turned 30 a couple of months ago. He had attended the 50th birthday of another common cousin in London two months before that. And later this year, his father Satish turns 70. Feroze and his father will be visiting Pakistan soon, and will be going to Satish’s family home (before the partition of India) in Multan.

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Feroze said...

I thought I'd update your readers on our visit to Pakistan. Although short, it was most enjoyable and a foodie's delight. However, we didn't make it to Multan. My Father said that he didn't know the place and since he had spent no time there as a child, it was pointless making he trip. Lahore was a different story. After 60-odd years his memories came flooding back and I think it was extremely cathartic for him even after his initial reluctance to visit. I will be in India again for his 70th in mid-November (though he doesn't know it yet....ssshhhh!)