Thursday, August 31, 2006

Calcutta photoblog: they also serve ... 2

More images of people who provide important services to the citizens of Calcutta.


Beside_Yourself said...

ok. seem to have hit a good one by the roadside.

i too have an anonymous cobwebbed home. visit me sometimes at

April said...

hi rama,
thanks so much for dropping by my site. i must say i am very glad you did because your blog is right up my alley. i love photography and reading the blogs of like-minded artists and citizens of the world.
your blog has made such a strong impression that i will add it to my blog links.

i love the photos. absolutely love them. and even more, the theme.

i'll be reading.


isaiah said...


Bonita said...

Really interesting photos. They say a lot about the conditions in India.